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  • Welcome at the Belgian Max Challenge, the Belgian competition with 6 races on 4 different tracks.
    Enjoy our new season and we hope to see you on one of our races!
    This year we've enlarged our team to improve our quality. More information is available in our 2017 Sporting Regulations!


    Prices 2017 Belgian Max Challenge

    Entry race by race
    Micro max = € 150.00
    Mini max, Junior max, Senior max, Gentlemen Max, DD2 and KZ = € 195.00 each race

    Entry to the Championship Belgian Max Challenge (6 race-days)
    Micro max = € 800,00
    Mini max, Junior max, Senior max, Gentlemen Max = € 1070.00 full season

    DD2/KZ (3 race-days) = € 450.00


    See you soon

    BMC Organization